Tuesday, October 23, 2007


As I drove, this morning, to the voting machine warehouse, prior to swinging by the reception for Governor-elect Bobby, I made the mistake of listening to Dave Graichen, on KSYL. He was complaining – in a real snit, actually - about the new statute regarding closed primaries for federal elections. Apparently, the topic of closed primaries is now a hot one because the new law will apply to the special election to fill Governor-elect Bobby’s U.S. House seat.

What has Dave, an Independent, steamed is that the LAGOP has adopted the policy that only registered Republicans may vote in Republican primaries. No!!! Really??? Only registered Republicans may have a voice in the Republican Party's endorsement process??? Ya think?

On the other hand, the Dems, who prefer the Jungle Primary in all elections, have decided to allow Independents to vote in their party primaries. Hmm… I guess they figure, if Independents are invested in the Dem primaries, they’ll stay on the Dem reservation for general elections. While an interesting voter recruitment tactic, should Independents wield too much power in their endorsement process, the Dems will either kick the Independents to the curb or reconstruct the smoke-filled back room. Rank and file Dems are a tightly controlled bunch, whether they realize it or not, and their leadership doesn’t relinquish control without, as Jimmy Carville says, “an out ‘n out wah.”

That said, I honestly don’t understand Independents. They haughtily dismiss organized, political parties and concomitant platforms and ideologies. Nevertheless, once they learn those eschewed political parties will marginalize them, when it comes to endorsements, they pitch a collective fit and demand inclusion. If Independents find their independent status oh-so-cool, why don’t the just sit down, shut up and let the organized parties sort things out for general elections in which every registered voter may vote?

Nope, like spoiled, anti-establishment brats, they insist they be affirmed, acknowledged and *included*, across the political board and in all processes. Okey dokey. Do they realize, however, that the Dems disdainfully consider them useful idiots? Because that’s what you’ll become to the Dems, Dave, a useful idiot. How cool is that?

Although the Republican Party won’t indulge you, Dave, we won’t use you, either. Grow up and get a clue.

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