Thursday, February 8, 2007

Pass the aspirin, please!

I made a grandiose mistake yesterday. I listened to Roger Hedgecock, associate professor at The Limbaugh Institute For Advanced Conservative Studies, as he substituted for El Rushbo, the dean of the aforementioned institute. Whenever Rush makes a brief escape from the Attila the Hun chair behind the golden EIB microphone, I’m always thrilled to learn Roger is slated to substitute. I’m a genuine fan, so my complaint is not with Roger, but with the day’s subject matter: border security, or the lack thereof. Roger resides in San Diego, California, – is the city’s recovering mayor – so his understanding of the deplorable situation on our nation’s borders, particularly the one we share with Mexico, is breathtaking in its depth and scope. Ergo, listening to Roger was not optional.

Nevertheless, what has me on the verge of rabidity is the fact that border security is a problem for discussion, at all! Our country’s borders should be absolutely secure, whether we are a nation at war, or not. As a historian, I learned early on that, for a nation to maintain its sovereignty, three basic elements are essential: a common belief system (in our case, the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law), a common language (we have no official language, although English is traditional) and secure borders (ours are as porous as they come). Without secure borders, the greatest nation in recorded history is hurtling headlong into a Tower of Babel situation, the rule of law is increasingly, if not constantly, flouted, the concomitant erosion of the unifying power of the U.S. Constitution is positively frightening and the very real threat of more terrorism on our shores is, well, terrifying.

What’s next, bitter Balkanization? Eventual partition? Total collapse on the ash heap of history? A mushroom cloud?

All of that leads me to ask further: Did most of our so-called leaders, in Washington, D.C., graduate from The John Lennon School of Global Policy? Has D.C.’s water supply been spiked with idiocy-inducing Kool-Aid? Is something more sinister afoot?

Conspiracy theorists – I normally avoid them like the plague - appear to be gaining credibility on this topic. I’m reconsidering their seemingly wacky suspicions because, while most sane Americans are screaming for secure borders and deportation of illegal aliens, – pardon me, undocumented workers - our federales have imprisoned two border patrol agents for doing their jobs: protecting the U.S. by wounding an illegal alien, who was smuggling drugs, who, according to witnesses and despite protestations to the contrary, was armed and who resisted arrest. The illegal alien has been granted immunity and has been given legal counsel, at US taxpayers’ expense, in order for him to testify against our border patrol agents. Huh??? Moreover, illegal alien inmates incarcerated with one of the border patrol agents, who was supposed to have been sequestered, have beaten that agent to a bloody pulp.

What the (expletive deleted) is going on here???

On a truly positive note, regarding illegal immigration, Sen. David Vitter has earned an A rating from the folks at Numbers USA and Rep. Rodney Alexander has been given a B rating. On the downside, Sen. Mary Landrieu has earned a D+. Brilliant, Mary. Just. Brilliant.


Jane Nugent said...

As usual, you are right on the money.

Gena Gore said...

Brilliant! As I wrote on the other header, you should have your own column. What an interesting read.