Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Qualifying begins today.

From Chuck Coker:

A little known election is approaching. It involves the election at the precinct and district levels for representatives of both political parties. It is the election of individuals to both the Rapides Parish Executive Committees (PEC) for both parties, and the individuals for both parties who will sit on the State Central Committees (SCC) for the next four years. The terms for the current PEC and SCC members will end onMarch 3, 2008.

In the case of the PEC’s, those elected from each party will then choose the slate of officers for the next four years. It should be noted that the Chairman of both PEC’s are automatically on the Parish Board Election Supervisors, along with the Parish Registrar of Voters, the Parish Clerk of Court, a Member appointed by the Governor, and the Registrar of Parish Voters. The Board is responsible for the preparation and conduct of all elections in the parish.

Qualifying for these positions will be December 12, 13, and 14 at the Clerk of Court Office at the Courthouse, and if more than one individual qualifies for a position, the election will take place on February 9, the Presidential Preference Primary, held statewide.Qualifications for these parish positions are stated that “The candidate shall meet the qualifications established by the rules and regulations ofthe state central committee of the political party. (Candidates must be registered voters and affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican party in the precinct or district for which they are qualifying for). The voter registration card issued to each registered voter will indicate which precinct or district each person is in, or individuals may check with the Registrar's Office if he or she is unsure of which district or precinct he or she is assigned.

According to the Rapides Clerk of Court office, it is not publicizing this election because it is not its responsibility, but the responsibility of the Secretary of State’s office. So far, it is not known if the Secretary of State has done so.

At the time of qualification, candidates must submit a qualifying fee. For Democrats, it is $112.00, and for Republicans, the fee is $75.00. The fees collected will be given to the political parties, and it is the political parties that determine what the fees will be for the election, according to the Rapides Clerk of Court office.

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