Saturday, March 3, 2007

Could former Governor Jim Gilmore be a dark horse?

Take a look. Gilmore is scheduled to address CPAC, today. Given he pulls no punches in his ad, his speech should be quite *interesting*.


Your Liberal Friend said...

You've really gone off the deep end here, Beth.

Jim Gilmore? For real?

Did you listen to his commercial?

The man sounds like a vacuum commercial from the late 80s. Complete with the music from Superman II.

He does not and will never stand a viable chance as a candidate. He's almost a reincarnation of George W Bush... but obviously on a smaller budget.

Elizabeth Weber Levy said...

I don’t think I’ve gone off the deep end, my dear lib. As I’m sure you well know, in the political arena, *anything* is possible.

That said, please don’t take the post as an endorsement, just food for thought. I’m not endorsing anybody, yet. It’s far too early, despite best efforts to compress the nomination process. Moreover, remember that not too long ago many thought Howard Dean was “all that.” On the flip side, no one really thought Jimmah Carter had a snowball’s chance. Oops!

Whatever, it got your attention, though, didn’t it? ;->