Saturday, March 31, 2007


LAGOP Chairman, Roger Villere, Jr., hits back:

(Baton Rouge) – “Lobbyist John Breaux (D-MD) flew to Louisiana yesterday and immediately started attacking Congressman Bobby Jindal (R-LA). His attacks on Congressman Jindal came in the same minute that he praised the Congressman for his intellect and skill. And of course he completely ignored his own previous statements in which he praised Jindal as a man that can turn this state around,” stated Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman, Roger Villere, Jr.

“After moving away from Louisiana in our greatest time of need, it amazes me that Breaux has the audacity to attack Bobby’s experience. I wonder who the people of Louisiana think did more to help us during and after the Hurricanes? Has Breaux forgotten that Bobby rescued our state’s health care system as Secretary of DHH, improved graduation rates as the head of our education system, and has been working hard the last two years in Congress helping this state recover while Breaux left Louisiana to make millions selling his influence for a lobbying firm that represents the governments of Saudi Arabia and China?” asked Villere.

“Lobbyist John Breaux hasn’t even announced his candidacy for Governor and already he is slinging mud at Bobby. Even worse, he slings mud while also saying that he opposes the politics of personal destruction. You have to be a long time politician to pull that off. It is disappointing that Breaux has decided to turn so negative so quickly,” said Villere.

Hat tip: James Quinn, LAGOP Executive Director

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