Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Call to Action

Contact your Legislators to Vote “No” to HB 3

In an effort to stop reckless government spending and enact much deserved tax cuts for the tax paying citizens of Louisiana, we need you to call your legislators (House Republicans and Democrats) and ask them to vote “NO” on HB3. We need your immediate action as this bill may come up for vote again TODAY. Please call your House legislators at 225.342.6945.

HB3 is a blatant attempt by the Blanco Administration to pit government spending versus tax breaks. Thus, HB3 is the only barrier preventing the legislature from spending billions in surplus funds, much of it on recurring revenues which could place the state’s future financial picture in a deep hole. We will not tolerate fiscal recklessness!!!

Please call 225.342.6945 and ask the following (8) Republicans who voted “YES” for HB3 to exercise fiscal discipline by voting “NO” on HB3.

William Daniel
Gordon Dove
Hollis Downs
Dale Erdey
Alex Heaton
Billy Wayne Montgomery
Tank Powell
Bodi White

Hat tip: James Quinn, Executive Director, LAGOP

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