Saturday, June 23, 2007

Interesting take...

Kershaw Can Beat Mitch Landrieu By A Double Wide

I am the first on record saying that Sammy Kershaw will be elected lt. governor by defeating Mitch Landrieu.

First, Sammy Kershaw has many fans. He has fans who have heard him for years and have liked him for years. He also was on the scene long before Mitch and in a much bigger spectrum.

Kershaw is known nationwide and liked by an entire country music industry.

Now I know country music lovers are not the only group to vote on election day. If they were it would be over in a second.

But I will tell you that country music lovers will make up a significant percentage of those voting on election day. In addition, Sammy Kershaw has something many newcomer candidates do not-a solid base.

I am here to tell you that Sammy Kershaw already has support and a major base in the rural areas to say the least.

Should he run a strong campaign, and really run it right he can win.

The one area he could get tripped up in is not knowing how to run a campaign against the tactics of hate politics known as Landrieu attack ads. Kershaw also needs to be heavy on the fundraising side.

I personally believe every campaign needs to raise money from as many donors as possible to get people to invest and put more into it. These self-financed candidates are around but not winning that many times with their own money.

In Louisiana, every self financed candidate that I can think of is trailing big right now.

One other thing. Mitch Landrieu is not known for doing anything. He has no major accomplishment under his belt that one can name. He cuts ribbons with the best of them but what has the guy done?

Sammy Kershaw can raise money nation wide and build off his good base. He also has a major advantage when it comes to the "like ability" factor.

I think Kershaw will surprise all and beat Mitch Landrieu by a double wide.

You heard it hear first. It does not hurt to have Bobby Jindal at the top of the ticket either. There is no dem out there that can pull Landrieu over the line except Landrieu, oh, and do not forget his sister.

I will take one Kershaw over a pair of Landrieus any day.

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