Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gloomy day brought to you by the US Senate.

From NumbersUSA:

By a 64-35 margin, the Senate voted to bring S. 1639, the “corrected and updated” version of S. 1348, to the floor. On this matter, a senator’s “YES” vote on cloture was equivalent to a vote for amnesty.

In light of the last sentence, maybe not. We'll have to watch and listen to learn if that sentiment is actually true. That said, we still have a bit of time to keep up the pressure.
If need be, the US House can stop this amnesty travesty. Will it?

Update: Cloture vote on the actual bill will be Thursday, June 28, so push. Hard. That the senators have thirty hours to discuss amendments could play some weird mind tricks on them.

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