Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Democrats' Last Gasp

This is a great piece from Neil S. Kavanagh at The Northside Journal:

I have a close, dear friend who is Pastor of the Dry Prong Baptist Church. Rev Whitman is as Godly a man as you would ever meet. He sits on the board of Louisiana College, is active in community affairs in Grant Parish, and is an avid golfer. Brother Whitman is a man who pursues God with a fervor that is contagious. I have never seen him frown, and never heard him utter anything but a kind word.

Needless to say, as a Christian, I admire and respect the man.When Bro. Whitman invited me to attend services in Dry Prong last spring, and bring my camera, I knew something was up. He pulled me off to the side and said... “Bobby Jindal is going to visit us next Sunday and share his profession of faith.”

Now, I have been a political junkie for as long as I can remember, following races like some people follow baseball. Never had I heard of a candidate being allowed in a Baptist Church to address the congregation concerning his faith. This must be a new campaign tactic, and Jindal must be one heck of a politician. As a converted Baptist raised in a Catholic household, I had to see this!

I should have trusted Bro. Whitman’s judgment.

What I saw that day when Bobby Jindal took the pulpit was a man who had deep seated Christian beliefs, and was not afraid to tell everyone about his love for Jesus Christ.

In the audience that day was a mix of all denominations. I saw people that I knew were Methodists, Pentecostals, and Episcopalians. Dr. Joe Aguillard, President of Louisiana College, one of the premier Baptist institutes in the country, was there. They all came to see for themselves if Bobby Jindal was for real. They all left convinced that he was.

When the news of the Louisiana Democrat’s latest attack ad reached my desk I was shocked. Even more shocked than I was when Bro. Whitman told me he was turning over his pulpit to a candidate for Governor of Louisiana.

How could a political party that has as one of it’s cornerstones the separation of church and state, attack a candidate on the basis of religion? How could the Democrats attack this candidate with unfounded lies about religious doctrine? I was amazed....

In this latest attack ad, I was witnessing the next step in the destruction of the Louisiana Democrat Party. In a desperate attempt to remain relevant, the Democrats have resorted to using any lie, any distortion, any half truth, to bring down a man of faith.

Anybody see a biblical parallel here?

The bible tells us that Satan is the ultimate deceiver and his primary weapon is the lie. Satan will use half truths, deception, and distortion in his attempt to pit brother against brother.

With this ad, the Democrats are using the same tactics of lies and deception to bring about a political war between Catholics and Protestants. They are also proving that they are a party devoid of ideas, honor and desire to serve those that elected them.

The Democrats in this state are no longer a credible political party. They have shown the voters that they will speak any lie, break any law, and embrace any action that allows them to remain in power.

Their campaign rhetoric will not sway Christians who remember John - 10:26-27.

Bobby Jindal never said, wrote or thought the things the Democrats say he did. Jindal has the utmost respect and affection for his fellow Christians. I know, I’ve heard him preach to a packed Baptist Church in Dry Prong Louisiana.

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megeorgebrla said...

One for Bobby!
I support him all the way.