Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mary is flirting with corruption? Surely not. Never.

From Chad E. Rogers, at The Dead Pelican:


August 08, 2007

Senator Mary Landrieu recently added a woman to her staff named Stephanie Leger. The choice has caught the attention of some, due to Leger's connections to former lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

According to a Washington Post article from 12/5/05, Leger was identified as a member the Abramoff team. She was listed among individuals who “lobbied for tribal clients of Jack Abramoff and, along with some of their spouses, contributed money to politicians.”

Leger was also part of a team that bilked their tribe clients out of millions. According to Gannett News Service, “In January 2002, Abramoff gave Leger-Short the job of preparing a year-end lobbying report for the Coushattas. E-mails show Abramoff asked Leger-Short to make sure she added $1 million in ‘expenses they had politically’ to the Coushatta report.”

Leger was referred to the Justice Department for taking improper payments and violating company policy at her lobbying firm. According to Gannett News Service, “In November, Fred Baggett, Abramoff’s former boss at Greenberg Traurig, told the Senate Indian Affairs Committee that Leger-Short, and three other Abramoff associates took improper payments in violation of company policy and have been referred to the Justice Department.”

She later was employed by Governor Kathleen Blanco. Upon being hired, some of the details of her past employment were obscured.

According to Gannett News Service, “The Democratic governor’s announcement contained biographical information that extensively detailed Leger-Short’s career on Capitol Hill and her education. But it did not mention her time at Greenberg Traurig.”

According to Landrieu’s official web site - as of Aug. 8, 2007 (8:42 a.m. CDT) - Leger’s bio is listed as “Bio coming soon” – there is no mention of her past employment.

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