Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dems have "jumped the shark," again.

Kids, this is gettin' *old*.

From Timmy Teepell:

The Democratic Party of Louisiana has attacked Bobby Jindal for his decision to publicly profess his faith, and is lying about his writings to try and divide the Faith Community. Bobby Jindal has never been shy or vague about his belief that Jesus Christ died for all and rose again to save us for our sins. He has given his testimony before hundreds of congregations and groups, and he has put his faith in writing.

The Democrats reference one article written when Bobby was a young Christian, and then blatantly misrepresent his beliefs. The ad falsely alleges that Bobby "has referred to Protestant religions as 'scandalous', 'depraved', 'selfish' and heretical.'" It goes on to falsely state that "Bobby Jindal doubts the morals and questions the beliefs of Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Pentecostals and other Protestant religions."

Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone who takes the time to read the article Bobby wrote as a student will see a profession of faith by a young Christian who was seeking, in his words, "to follow Jesus wherever He leads."

Bobby's article describes how the Lord led him to accept Christ, join the Catholic Church, and it expresses his wishes that the Catholic Church follow good examples of devotion set by Baptist and Pentecostals and Lutherans and Calvinists.

In fact, contrary to the Democrat attack ad, the only time in this article in which Bobby mentions another denomination specifically is when he is listing faith practices he wishes his church would adopt - like the "energy and fervor" of Baptists and Pentecostals and the "stirring preaching" of Lutherans.

The very first sentence of Bobby's article says exactly the OPPOSITE of what the Democrats accuse him: He said, "we do worship the same Trinitarian God who died for our sins."

In an article in today's Baton Rouge Advocate entitled "Jindal: Democrats' ad 'twists' religious view", the paper acknowledges that the inflammatory words were taken out of context. In fact, Bobby only uses the words "depraved" and "selfish" in his article when quoting John Calvin in the context of the doctrine of "original sin", and the word "heretical" never even appears in the article.

The conclusion to Bobby's article says exactly the OPPOSITE of what the Democrats allege - he said "I am thrilled by the recent ecumenical discussions that have resulted in Catholics and Evangelicals discovering what they have in common, in terms of both theology and morality..."

The article the Democrats attack sums up Bobby's belief: "Christ's death on the Cross truly negates the effects of sin, in both our temporal and heavenly bodies; insofar as we accept the new life He offers us, we are reborn and "washed" (Jn. 13:8) -- i.e., restored to a state of grace so that we might have eternal life."

Our state has seen plenty of low-down political tricks but attacking a born-again Christian for his public testimony is beyond the pale. In a time when the outside world wants to impose purely secular standards on the rest of us, we cannot allow a man's Christian faith to be misrepresented and misused to divide Believers in this state.

Every Louisianian of faith should let the people who made this ad know that they believe we need leaders who are not ashamed of their Faith. If you would like to join the chorus of Believers who are speaking out against this ad, please send me an email and let me know.

Timmy Teepell
Campaign Manager
Jindal '07

P.S. Copyright Laws prevent us from mass emailing the text of the entire article. If you would like a full copy of the article you can purchase one from the New Oxford Review.

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