Friday, August 10, 2007

Stupid is as stupid does.

From Robb Hayes at WAFB 9News:

LA Democrats Say They Won't Focus on Jindal "Exorcism" Writings

The Louisiana Democratic Party says an attack ad it is preparing to air against Republican Bobby Jindal -will- focus on Jindal's religious writings from his college days, but will -not- focus on a piece Jindal wrote about observing an exorcism being performed on a female friend. WAFB 9NEWS reported Wednesday night that the exorcism paper would be part of the attack ad, but Democratic Party spokeswoman Julie Vezinot says that is incorrect. Vezinot said other anti-Jindal ads will air that focus on topics others than religion. "The ads are based on facts drawn from his voting records in Congress and his campaign contributions," Vezinot said.

Vezinot says the ad focusing on religion is just one of several the party is planning to launch against Jindal in the coming weeks. The party estimates it will spend nearly $1 million dollars on the series of anti-Jindal ads.

Jindal, a Republican currently serving in Congress, is the clear front-runner in the race for Louisiana governor. Jindal ran for governor four years ago and finished first in the primary. However, he lost the runoff election to then Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Blanco, a Democrat. Blanco is not seeking re-election.

"Bobby is a proud Christian, and attacks against his faith prove just how far old-guard party bosses willl go to resist the change our state needs," said Melissa Sellers, communications director for the Bobby Jindal campaign. "People will see this as exactly what it is - the same kind of baseless mudslinging and gutter politics that has held Louisiana back for generations," Sellers said.

WAFB 9NEWS political analyst Jim Engster says the attack ads being prepared against Jindal are to be expected, considering his apparent strong lead. "He's going to be much tougher to stop this time around," Engster said. "I think the Democrats are pulling out all the stops because they realize it's late in the game. We're ten weeks away from the election and something has to be done to stop this momentum that Jindal has."

More stupidity: The other day, a dim Dem allowed, “Although Jindal may be the brightest bulb in the line, I can’t vote for him. We need an American to be governor, don’t we?” My reply, “I guess the case can be made that Baton Rouge, where Bobby was born, is the capital of a banana republic foreign country."

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