Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Every American Insured Health Act (S. 1886).

S. 1886 is the bold, Republican counterproposal to the quickening march to HillaryCare, via the unbelievable expansion of SCHIP (in our case, LACHIP).

Read all about it at The Heritage Foundation. To tease, the following is the conclusion of the piece written by Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D.:


"The Senate debate on SCHIP is pivotal for the future of American health care. There are, at the end of the day, only two basic directions in health care: greater government control or more personal freedom for individual and families choosing the health care they trust in a robust and competitive health care economy.

If Congress decides to go down the road toward SCHIP expansion, it means that more Americans will be dependent on government for their health care; taxpayers will be burdened by higher levels of government spending and increased taxation; and more Americans will lose their private health care coverage because of the "crowd-out" that accompanies government expansion.

If Congress decides instead to expand personal choice for individuals and families, it would unleash the powerful forces of the market economy to reduce health care costs, improve the quality of care, and increase patient satisfaction and family control. The Every American Insured Health Act is a visionary proposal that would change the federal tax treatment of health insurance, enabling millions of Americans to secure private coverage through health care tax credits, while harnessing the power of state innovation to make health benefit options more affordable and flexible in state health insurance markets. Beyond comprehensive tax reform, Congress should also consider other creative ways to finance refundable tax credits for low-income families, including the use of existing government funding for various programs such as SCHIP to expand coverage of choice for low-income families.

The Senate debate on SCHIP is an opportunity to go beyond the standard rhetoric on the uninsured and act to address the problem. At the end of this debate, not one child in any American family should lose existing private coverage because of congressional incompetence or indifference."

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