Friday, April 13, 2007

Attorney General denies Breaux's Request for Pre-Qualification

(Baton Rouge) – “The Attorney General Opinion released today denies John Breaux’s request for a pre-qualification and upholds the established law that all challenges must be determined by the court after qualification. The opinion states that the issue of ‘whether Mr. Breaux has remained a Louisiana citizen for the preceding five years is an issue of fact’ and must be decided by the courts after the candidate qualifying period in September.

“When looking at all of the facts, it is obvious that John Breaux does not meet the clear requirement to be a Louisiana citizen for the preceding five years: 1) he is registered to vote in Maryland, 2) his primary residence is in Maryland, 3) he has a Maryland Drivers license, 4) his homestead exemption is not in Louisiana, 5) he applied for and was granted a non-resident hunting License 6), he cancelled his Louisiana voter registration under penalty, 7) he has performed notarial acts in Maryland, and 8) his principal place of employment is in Washington D.C. These are facts and they are not in dispute,” stated Republican Party Chairman, Roger Villere, Jr.

“All of these facts point to a clear common sense conclusion that John Breaux does not meet the Constitutional requirements to run for Governor of Louisiana. He is desperately looking for some way around the law of Louisiana, but he did not find one today. Mr. Breaux was obviously counting on the good ole boy network he has been a part of for so long, starting with his days as an understudy to Edwin Edwards, to disregard the facts about his citizenship; but he has failed to recognize that the 2007 Governor’s race is about the future, not the past,” declared Villere.

I want to make one thing very clear: If Mr. Breaux chooses to continue looking for a way around the law, we will challenge him every step of the way, and will challenge him in court right after qualifying this fall. We would be doing the people of Louisiana a great disservice if we allowed John Breaux to disregard the Constitutional requirements for Governor,” said Villere.


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