Friday, April 20, 2007

Louisiana Sheriffs Association endorses Bobby.

From Bobby:

Earlier today, I was incredibly honored to receive the official endorsement of the Louisiana Sheriffs Association. The Louisiana Sheriffs Association represents 65 sheriffs from all over the state, only eight of which are Republicans. The Louisiana law enforcement community, Republicans and Democrats alike, is clearly committed to energizing our government to create progress in the areas of economic development, education, and health care which have lacked much-needed advancement for too long.

In their endorsement press release, Louisiana Sheriffs Association President Hal Turner said quote, "Congressman Jindal has demonstrated an unerring and determined dedication to the higher good of law enforcement, antiterrorism, the criminal justice system and the people of Louisiana."

Their endorsement of my agenda to bring a fresh start to Louisiana adds an incredible jolt of energy to the building momentum for change in this state. I am humbled by the confidence and support of these leaders and look forward to their partnership.

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