Tuesday, April 10, 2007

LAGOP Launches Website

IMHO, this may be overkill, but…

From: James Quinn, Executive Director LAGOP

LAGOP Launches a Website Exposing the Truth About Lobbyist John Breaux’s (D-MD) Citizenship

John Breaux Is Not Above the Law

(Baton Rouge) – “The Republican Party of Louisiana has just created a new website,
http://www.breauxisnotabovethelaw.com, to keep an up-to-date account of John Breaux’s attempts to qualify as a gubernatorial candidate and subvert the Louisiana Constitution. The site has culled together reports, editorials, multimedia, and articles from across Louisiana detailing Breaux’s ineligibility to run for governor. This website will stand as a firm testament to the Republican Party’s firm commitment to the Louisiana Constitution,” stated Republican Party of Louisiana Executive Director, James Quinn.

“We firmly believe that Lobbyist John Breaux does not meet the requirements to run for Governor of Louisiana. We will let the public know the great lengths he has taken since he left office to distance himself from this great state. Facts about his citizenship include changing his voter registration to Maryland, claiming a homestead exemption in Maryland and Washington D.C., getting an non-resident hunting permit, having a primary residence in Maryland. John Breaux is not above the law, and we must fight to keep it that way!” Quinn said.

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