Thursday, April 19, 2007

Boasso the opportunist?

Obviously, Sen. Walter Boasso thinks he can trump PSC Foster Campbell. In that light, don’t expect John Georges to switch.

From Chad E. Rogers, at The Dead Pelican:

APRIL 19, 2007 XXXX 12:07:15 AM CT

State Senator Walter Baosso intends to make his switch to the Democrat party official at a press conference this Saturday, sources tell THE DEAD PELICAN.

According to
information on the Louisiana Secretary of State's office web site, this is not Baosso's first foray into the Democratic party.

SOS records show that in 1987, Boasso ran as a Democrat without opposition. The record shows that Baosso was a DPEC member in St. Bernard Parish who ran as a Democrat without opposition in 1987, and then ran for re-election as a Democrat in 1991.

He is currently serving as a Republican state senator for the St. Bernard Parish area, and is a Republican gubernatorial candidate for the '07 election.

Apparently this switch to the Democrat party is nothing new for Boasso, but a return to familiar territory.

Update: Boasso is still dithering. Can we say, “same ol’, same ol’?”

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