Thursday, April 5, 2007

Resident, non-resident, resident, non-resident…

I guess when dat Breaux hunts dem duck, he’s a non.

LDWF Reveals Lobbyist John Breaux’s
“Non-Resident” Hunting License

(Baton Rouge, LA) - Lobbyist John Breaux (D-MD) obtained a “non-resident” hunting license in 2006 when he visited the Sportsman’s Paradise of Louisiana.

Documentation obtained today by LAGOP Deputy Chairman Dan Kyle from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries shows the following:

“Our records indicate that Mr. John Breaux acquired the following licenses, Nonresident Migratory Bird 3-day, Nonresident LA Duck Stamp and HIP Certification on January 3, 2006.”

Roger F. Villere, Jr., Chairman of the Republican Party of Louisiana said “the evidence is mounting against Breaux being even remotely considered a citizen of Louisiana. The non-resident hunting license is in addition to his voter registration, homestead exemption, primary residence, and drivers license all being in Maryland.”

“This is one more embarrassing development that clearly indicates that Lobbyist John Breaux is a citizen of Maryland,” Villere said. “He obviously has not met the requirements for running for Governor of Louisiana, but he does have a great case for Maryland.”

Hat tip: James Quinn, Executive Director LAGOP

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