Monday, April 23, 2007

Ponderings on "Earph" Day

During her enviro-tour with Laurie David, rock ‘n’ roll specialist and fame hound, Sheryl Crow, has told us that when we go to the loo we must never use more than one square of toilet tissue per sitting. Um… Are public bidets next? Talk about a public health hazard. After that, will there be a government mandate that we all be surgically altered to accommodate a couple of ostomy bags? Gotta save dose trees, dontchaknow.

Yo, Sheryl, isn’t toilet paper more biodegradable than a CD? Just askin’…

Speaking of public health issues, have you heard that traffic accidents are the numero uno public health hazard? What do you suppose that will mean, eventually? Will private conveyances be limited, or downright outlawed, to protect the bottom line of public health all in the name of protecting us from ourselves? Protecting the environment is a factor, there, as well, but I digress. Will we be forced onto public transit systems to keep down the cost of public health? Will that mean we will be herded into population centers (read: blue voting zones)? Will those, who choose to stay in “fly-over country,” be relegated to peasant status, a là the old Soviet Union, while the public transit dependent, in population centers, become serfs to the free-ranging elites? I thought we did away with slavery. Guess not.

Re free-ranging elites: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) has admonished those who point to the hypocrisy of free-ranging, environmental elites prophets and all but demands we ignore their hypocrisy and listen to their message prophecy. They needn’t practice what they preach, especially the likes of Al Gore, the new messiah, but we *must* practice what they preach. Oops, for a minute, there, I forgot we’re nothing more than peasants and serfs. Got it, Arnold.

According to Sen. Hillary Clinton, if we elect her President, we will be able to control the climate. Cue The Twilight Zone theme. Some among us actually believe that and, as a result, will help her and other socialists of every stripe wreck the U.S. economy. Is Red China helping her get elected, too?

Again, according to the climate control diva, Sen. Clinton, should she be elected President her hubby, former President Slick, will become her “roaming ambassador.” LOL! Has her speechwriter been fired yet?

As an aside, former President Slick has mused that he’d move from “roaming ambassador,” to President Hill’s appointed UN Ambassador, ultimately to the supposedly elected position of UN Secretary-General. President Clinton and Secretary-General Clinton. Now that’s a *scary* thought.

Has anyone noticed we are transitioning away from farming to feed to farming to fuel? As well, no one seems to be paying attention to the cautions that ethanol is more damaging to the environment than gasoline. I guess corn smog is OK. What will we do for nutrition, soylent green? “Foodies” will hate that. Bye-bye, Food Network.

Where have all the bees gone? We know the bee population has been dwindling for decades and that bees avoid big power lines like the plague. Are the power lines a factor? As well, scientists are beginning to claim that the lack of crop diversity on farms is causing bees to die of malnutrition. Is the explosion of the use of wireless technology the straw that broke the camel’s bee’s back? Scientists are beginning to believe that just as power lines are disorienting agents for bees, wireless technology disorients, as well. The real problem with wireless technology is that it isn’t confined as power lines are – it’s *everywhere*. Are disorientation and malnutrition killing off our vital bees? If that’s the case, we’re next. Think about it.

Has politicizing environmental issues (junk science) caused us to ignore serious science, thereby hurtling us, headlong, into a Dark Age abyss? Rather than being so arrogant as to believe we can control what we can’t control, shouldn’t we be preparing to survive the effects of what we cannot control, like, say, tectonic shifts and solar activity? True, the debate is over, in terms of a chaotic climate, but the debate is not over as to the cause and what to do about it, if anything, save for preparing. Yes, human beings are part of the ecosystem, just as termites are, and should be good stewards. However, if the sun is the prime generator of climate chaos, what can we do to stop it? Nothing. While we can, we should go back to farming to feed and work to design creative, intelligent, low-tech, long-term methods to store nutrition basics for what could be a difficult future.

Why has no one invented a system whereby we can, as best as humanly possible, clean up our wastewater, inject it back into the natural filtration system that would complete the cleanup job and, thereby, replenish our depleted, freshwater aquifers? Surely, there’s a way to do that…

Why are enviro-prophets pushing mercury-laden collapsed fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)? Granted, they do last longer than incandescent bulbs; but, if the cat knocks over a lamp sporting an incandescent bulb, a haz-mat crew doesn’t need to be called for haz-mat cleanup. Property values don’t plummet due to residual haz-mat contamination, either. When a CFL eventually dies, tossing it into the wastebasket – winding up in a landfill – is taboo, as well. If we’re bored with incandescent bulbs, why not go with LEDs? They last forever, are not poisonous, are extremely efficient and *never* break, busy cats, or no. Follow the money…

Socialism, whether it is fascism, Marxism or anything in-between, is the consolidation of resources, wealth and power in the hands of a few. Societal polarization, via fear-mongering and initial cordoning off of special interest groups, is key. Another key component is the dismissal of honor, integrity, self-discipline and ethics from the public and private spheres. Are we seeing a trend? A new religion? Is government replacing God and is environmentalism a handy sect?

Update: Sheryl Crow has a clothing line that includes what she calls a “dining sleeve.” Apparently, the “dining sleeve” is to be used in place of paper napkins. Happily, it’s detachable and can be laundered and/or replaced after use. I take it that Crow has never heard of cloth napkins. Uh-oh. Has she heard of handkerchiefs? Gad… The sane mind reels.

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