Monday, May 14, 2007

Immigration reform bill redux.

Yep, the immigration reform issue is being debated in the US Senate. If you recall, when the GOP ran the US House, immigration reform was stopped in its tracks. Pity so many didn’t think of that when they went to the polls, in ’06.

Now that we are no longer in the majority in congress, immigration reform is being revisited, seriously, with the White House, for some idiotic reason, jumping for joy.

If you think like I, that the only legitimate way to address the illegal alien issue is to secure our borders, to enforce, fully, current immigration law, to establish English as the official language of the land and to punish businesses and industries that hire illegal aliens, please contact Senator Vitter (here) and Senator Landrieu (here), *pronto*.

Debate, today; voting, tomorrow. A meltdown is in order.

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