Tuesday, May 22, 2007

U. S. Senate Information on Illegal Alien Legislation

The Issue:
SB 1348 is 790 pages long (attached to this email) which will grant amnesty to 12-20 million illegal aliens. Monday, there will be a vote taken on cloture for SB1348 but the public and many US Senators haven’t had sufficient time to read the bill and make comment on it. Without holding a Committee Hearing, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to ram through the Senate this mostly unread bill. Cloture is when a bill is fast forwarded through the Senate without first holding committee hearings. Committee hearings allow public open debate of a bill before it is sent to the Senate floor for votes.

Comments made about cloture:
"We hope that the voices of hatred and bigotry will silence themselves for this debate..." -Senator Ted Kennedy to the 70 percent of Americans who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.

"I hope we don't take a thousand page bill written in secret and try to ram it through the Senate in a few days. This is a very important issue for America and we need time to debate it." Senator Jim DeMint

…Administration and pro-Amnesty forces in the Senate will be twisting arms... (to) secure enough votes to make Amnesty the law of the land!
J. William Lauderback, Ex. VP, American Conservative Union

Brian Darling is director of U.S. Senate Relations at the Heritage Foundation.…believes this
warrants open debate:
Title VI of a draft copy of the bill breaks down amnesty visas into3 categories:
Z-1 — Illegal aliens present and working in the United States up to Jan. 1, 2007.
Z-2 — Parents and spouses of illegal aliens qualifying under the Z-1 category.
Z-3 — Children of illegal aliens qualifying under the Z-1 category.
These "Z Visa" holders can stay in the "Z" status indefinitely, which means they never have to pursue "a pathway to citizenship." They also would be able to get Social Security numbers and benefit from some welfare programs. Shockingly, there is no cap on the numbers of amnesty recipients in the draft language. The only thing the Z Visa holder can’t do is vote — until, that is, a liberal judge declares this limitation unconstitutional or until a liberal president can railroad through a "technical corrections" bill.

Our US Senator's numbers are below. You can let them know you don't want cloture on Senate Bill 1348.
Main line to Senate Room in Washington D. C.Lines will be busy
(202) 224-3121

Or, call Senators Landrieu and Vitter at one of their local offices

724 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington DC 20510
DC: 202 224-5824

516 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington DC 20510
DC: 202 224-4623

800 Lafayette St.
Suite 1200
Lafayette LA 70501
Acadiana: 337 262-6898

858 Convention Street
Baton Rouge LA 70802
BR-River Parishes: 225 383-0331

2230 S. MacArthur Dr. Suite 4
Alexandria LA 71301
Central: 318 448-0169

1217 N. 19th Street
Monroe LA 71201
NE La: 318 325-8120

920 Pierremont Rd, Suite 113
Shreveport LA 71106
NW La: 318 861-0437

2800 Veterans Blvd Suite 201
Metairie LA 70002
SE La: 504 589-2753

3221 Ryan St., Suite E
Lake Charles LA 70601
SW La: 337 436-0453

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