Friday, May 11, 2007

State Rep. Gary Beard (R-BR) Announces Candidacy for Lt. Governor

May 10, 2007

Gary Beard Announces Candidacy for Lieutenant Governor
To Republican Women Visiting the Capitol

Baton Rouge – If you thought Thursday was just another day at the legislature with politics as usual, then you were not dining with Republican Women who were visiting the Capitol for their annual LFRW Day At The Legislature. Louisiana Federation of Republican Women splashed the political scene with their “red coat” allure and their penchant for good government. But even the Republican Women and guests were rapt by the assemblage of legislators who took note of LFRW’s focus on legislation.

As lunch guests of District 16 freshman Senator William Cassidy (R) and District 76 Representative A. G. Crowe, (R) Slidell, the state organization was treated to more than what was dished upon their plates. The Republican delegation streamed into the dining area and got wind of a Legislative 1-2-3 package the Republican Women are putting together with input from their 38 clubs across the state. Jeannemarie Pierson, Vice Chairman of the LFRW Legislative Committee gave account of their legislative package being a transitional process from a reactive–turn-proactive effort for good government. “It offers LFRW members a vehicle for presentation” she declared, “where Republican Women across the state will have opportunity to solicit legislators and coalesce around Republican principles”.

The Legislative Delegation lobbed back with their good government policies being transported through this session. The delegation listed teamwork, unity and a principled approach driving their efforts. Legislators filed in and lined up to greet Republican Women and to offer up their legislative bills. One-by-one, the delegation enamored LFRW members with their legislative thrust.

Baton Rouge Representative Gary Beard (R) District 69 took his turn to approach the stump. Republican Women were awed by his remarks when he informed them he will run for Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana. “And, not because I’m term limited out of office” he declared. He was asked to verify his remarks and Representative Beard affirmed that he just officially declared he will be a candidate for the office of Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana

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