Friday, May 18, 2007

You da man, Dave!

Dave Graichen (KSYL TalkRadio) is a glittering jewel of media bias.

Graichen’s local news report, today, is nothing but a political ad masquerading as a news report on
L’il Chris Roy’s announcement, yesterday, of his candidacy in the District 25 State House race. Graichen’s supposed news story is little more than a recitation of an abbreviated version of L’il Chris’s curriculum vitae.

Of course, Graichen’s report begins by obliquely mentioning L’il Chris’s fraternal relationship to Mayor Jacques. Graichen continues by announcing the Dem candidate's age, his marriage, the number of his children, his educational background and so on. All that to contrast him to his youthful, energetic, unattached (and, thus, *focused*), equally educated, Republican opponent,
Lance Maxwell. And, the donk didn’t have to pay a single dime for the airtime.

No mention, *whatsoever*, of Chris Hazel's well-attended announcement, yesterday, of his Republican candidacy for the District 27 State House seat. A check of Graichen’s archives revealed no mention of Lance Maxwell’s announcement on May 3, either. Fair. And. Balanced.

Note to KSYL: Insert the following after the free ad portion of Graichen’s report: “I am L’il Chris and I approve this message.” Then send him a bill.

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