Thursday, May 31, 2007

Legislature Watch

May 30, 2007


Shirley Bowler’s HB 381 passed the House Floor and will be sent to the Senate for review. Her bill provides that an insurance policy may not limit the insured’s right of action against the insurer to a period of less than two years.

SB 14 which dilutes the power of the state treasurer passed the Senate & Governmental Affairs Committee Wednesday. Senate President Don Hines, House Speaker Joe Salter and State Treasurer John Kennedy would rotate chairmanship each year on the Bond Commission. The chairmanship has been the sole responsibility of the Treasurer.

HB 730 by Michael Jackson is pending Senate introduction that will require statewide elected officials, legislators, other officials, appointed officials and member so the Board of Ethics to disclose certain income, compensation, and financial transactions of the official or his spouse, and additionally requires candidates for statewide elected office and the state legislature to file financial disclosure statements with the Board of Ethics at the time of qualifying. Sen. Rob Marionneaux's SB 157 was passed in the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee and is headed for Senate review. The bill would require all Louisiana's elected officials and candidates to disclose their income sources by making their income tax returns public.

SB 320 would allow Orleans Parish residents to vote at “satellite” voting centers around Louisiana, and would allow New Orleans voters registered by mail to cast absentee ballots even if they have never voted in person. This provision was set to expire but the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee passed it on Wednesday. Senator Charles Jones will hold this bill in the Senate until learning the cost to the state.

REGION 6 Legislative Jam:

By now, you’ve probably heard of Legislation 1 – 2 – 3 but an introduction is attached for your review. The LFRW Legislative Committee is putting together a Legislative Package that will be presented to legislators at the 2008 session.

Clubs in Region 6 met with two industries on Wednesday to learn more about issues these industries face and ways these industries perceive problems may be remedied.

The Department of Transportation and Development was represented by:
Dr. Kalivoda, Director of Planning and Programs at DOTD; Mike Schiro, Chief Deputy Assistant Secretary of Planning and Programming; and Sherri H. LeBas, Assistant to the Secretary of DOTD for Policy. They also met with David W. Hood, Former Secretary of DHH during Governor Foster’s Administration 1998-2004.

David Hood served as Undersecretary of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals from 1996 to 1998. Hood now serves as Sr. Healthcare Policy Analyst with PAR (Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, Inc). His present focus is on coverage or the uninsured, the charity hospital system, Medicaid financing, the long-term care system and other topic areas.

These industries were present to describe operations, funding, projects, forecasts and of course, legislation affecting their professional fields. After hearing these major industries speak of their department needs, Republican Women were better able to determine their support/opposition of related bills in the legislature.

The LFRW Legislative Committee wants to encourage your club(s) to do the same; learn more about your issue from the related industry. Find out what their goals and needs are so that you can better determine which bills you support/oppose. Invite industry representatives to share information and be available to answer your questions about their field; speak with your legislators or legislators who sit on the committees that regulate their industry. Contact the Legislative Coordinator in your region and the legislative chairman in your club to arrange legislative jams in your area.

Some information presented is attached to the email. The two industry contact info follows. They, or other representatives, will be happy to speak with you, your clubs and groups.

Visit PAR website for a comprehensive 28 pg executive study by David W. Hood on restructuring the Charity Hospital System
225 926-8414 - 225 379-1956

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