Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here’s another one to watch.

Interestingly, Treasurer John Kennedy, in a recent interview on The Moon Griffon Show, said something to the effect that if the news doesn’t come from him, we are not to believe it. Even so, throughout the interview, I sensed that Kennedy was being a tad coy.

However this shapes up (could give Royal a royal headache), I met Treasurer Kennedy, last May, after he gave the commencement address at the Paul M. Hebert Law Center. He’s a very nice man. Nevertheless, in listening to his speech, it became clear that, although he’s a spending watchdog, he’s a lib.

Read on:

Kyle ponders run for treasurer’s post

Advocate Capitol News Bureau
Published: Jul 31, 2007

After unsuccessful bids to become governor and insurance commissioner, Republican Dan Kyle is considering a race for state treasurer.

Kyle, 69, said Monday he will enter the race only if state Treasurer John Kennedy no longer wants the job.

“I think John’s done a good job and he has a very good approval rating,” he said.

Kennedy, a Democrat, is considering running for state attorney general rather than seek re-election this fall. Candidates must sign up in early September for statewide elected offices.

Kennedy’s aide, Jason Redmond, said Kennedy is weighing his options.

The state treasurer is responsible for overseeing, investing and disbursing state funds. The treasurer also chairs the state Bond Commission, which approves state-backed borrowing.

In the past several years, Kennedy sparred with Senate President Don Hines, D-Bunkie, over the state’s support of a syrup mill for Hines’ district.

Hines backed legislation during the recent session to lessen Kennedy’s influence over the Bond Commission. Kennedy accused Hines of trying to retaliate against him. Hines denied it. The bill ultimately died.

Kyle, who served as the state’s legislative auditor, said he wants to focus on finance and push politics aside if elected treasurer.

“I’m apparently not a very good politician,” he joked.

Kyle briefly ran for governor in 2003 before dropping out of that race to run for insurance commissioner.

He lost in the runoff to Robert Wooley.

Kyle now serves as a BREC commissioner and as deputy chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party.

He said there are only two jobs he ever wanted besides legislative auditor — treasurer and governor.

Kyle said his background as a certified public accountant fits the background a treasurer needs.

He describes himself as a numbers person who understands interest rates.

One financial area Kyle knows he will have to focus on is campaign finance.

His most recent campaign finance report from the insurance commissioner’s race shows a balance of $2,390.36 in cash on hand.

Kyle said he will have to commit personal funds and raise a “good portion” if he decides to run.

The election is Oct. 20.

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