Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How stupid do we want to be?

Jeff Crouere and Vince Bruno are calling for Vitter's resignation. Brilliant, kids.

In fact, Bruno wants Vitter to resign immediately. Why, so Kathleen can appoint a Dem to replace him?

How cool, Vince. That's exactly what we need, another Dem senator. Ya think Kate would appoint Mitch, since it looks like he's vulnerable to Kershaw? Great. Then, we'd have the Landrieu Senate Sibs. Now *that's* cool!

Why? Because such a scenario might (emphasis on "might") cause Bobby Jindal some trouble and we all know, Vince, that you're hoping Dave Treen will throw his hat into the gubernatorial ring. Nice.

As well, we all remember the bitter battle between Treen and Vitter, in their quest for Bob Livingston's House seat, in '99. And, you were a Treenie, weren't ya, Vince?

Another thing we know, Vince, is that you're not a Giuliani fan, either. Uh-oh, is Treen OK with that?

Oh, Vince... Somebody get the duct tape.

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