Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thanks, Aaron. Pfft.

I doubt it, but hey...

From 99.5FM:

Broussard: Georges Could Make It A Race

Jeff Parish President says Jindal could face challenge if John Georges runs as Democrat
Monday, July 16, 2007

Jefferson Parish President, Aaron Broussard says Bobby Jindal could face a significant challenge if businessman, John Georges were to switch parties and seek the Governor's office as a Democrat.

In an interview on the Jim Brown Show on 99.5FM, Broussard says Georges is not well-known statewide, but he says "you could get pretty well known with $5 million."

Georges, has said he is prepared to spend $5 million of his own money in the race.

The way Broussard handicaps the race, "in an open primary race, 40% is to the right, 40% is to the left and the 20% that is in the middle is what elects you Governor.

Broussard says Bobby Jindal is starting on the right and with no major threat on the left, he takes the 20% in the middle.

But he says if Georges switched parties and ran as a Democrat he might galvanize liberal voters and in that case, Broussard says, "Jindal would be facing a different set of challenges."

Asked about the challenges facing Senator David Vitter, Broussard suggested that the Senator take a page out of Sheriff Harry Lee's playbook. Broussard says the Sheriff has been one of the most popular figures in Jefferson Parish history because "his credo has been honesty and he has always been straightforward."

Broussard, says he was speaking "generically" about the Vitter case, suggested that elected officials who might find themselves in Vitter's position need to "come out and talk frankly, face all the tough questions and lay it out on the line."

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