Saturday, July 14, 2007

Senator Blanco???

Be careful what you pray for, Vince and Jeff. However brazen, it certainly is possible.

From Roy Fletcher, via The Town Hall Show:

Blanco Wants to Be Senator

Several days ago, right after the David Vitter story broke, I opined to the esteemed journalist, John Hill, that I thought Senator Vitter could not last a week. Like everyone else, I took the reports of the Vitter debacle with amazement that Vitter engaged in such activity, compassion for Vitter’s four children and wife, and concern for David Vitter himself, and I did not think that anyone could survive such pressure. More importantly, I took the Vitter reports as simply the press uncovering facts about Vitter’s secret life.

Now, with the passage of time, there are obvious clues that something is rotten, as usual, in Louisiana politics. Yes, the clues are obvious.

There’s a political agenda going on that relates directly to the madam’s interview and Flynt’s comments. It’s an ugly agenda, and it’s an agenda that has no regard for four innocent children, a wife, a family, and the people of Louisiana.

If Vitter resigned, who would appoint his successor? Not Bush. Not Cheney. Not the Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party. The appointment would be made by one Kathleen Blanco, thus demonstrating why some are salivating over Vitter’s possible resignation.

Who would Blanco appoint? She’s already told us in an indirect way. She has said the “Vitter scandal” has hurt Louisiana, because we need someone who understands our needs after Katrina. Ah! Who best to understand this than one Mrs. Blanco? What a wonderful way to finish your political career, because the person she appoints cannot run for the Senate seat in the special election that will be held.

Now, by appointing herself, Mrs. Blanco gets a “twofer” and so do the Democrats. What do I mean? Well, Mitch Landrieu, the Lt. Governor, then, becomes Acting Governor, and he is under no obligation not to run for Governor in this Fall’s election. Can you imagine the money he can raise from the Governor’s Office?

Suddenly, the Democrats have a new Senator and, perhaps, a better chance in the governor’s race. This potential makes it imperative that Vitter resign soon in order to give Mitch a chance to raise the needed funds, since qualifying is in early September.

The facts are beginning to suggest what we all know. Politics is a contact sport. It’s tough, mean-spirited and down right nasty. Vitter’s problems demonstrate that one has to be very careful in the image they project, but the corrupt part of this story is the manipulations of the situation for political advantage.

If someone is promoting the madam, as I strongly suspect, this is corrupt politics. If the timing of Flynt’s press conference was coordinated, knowing there were no more revelations, this is corrupt politics. If Vitter resigns and the events unfold as I suspect they will this was dirty, corrupt politics.

Yes, something is rotten in Louisiana politics. It’s no wonder more than a decade ago, a young congressman running for governor, Buddy Roemer, said: “I love Louisiana, but I hate Louisiana politics!” David Vitter, you should hate it too, so stand your ground, take public responsibility, continue to be a good Senator, and let those of us who do this for a living uncover the roaches under the rocks.

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Bond said...

Remember folks, a slightly promiscous Republican is not nearly as embarassing as a crazy liberal Democrat. Also, David Vitter is a minor league player in that game compared to William Jefferson Clinton. Some people forget that he was credibly accused of two counts of forcible rape. We must not let the sheeple forget the Clinton's political shenanigans of 1996-2000.