Thursday, July 12, 2007


From Lee Fletcher:

Thursday, July 12th, 2007
Vitter Exposed as Payback For Killing Amensty Bill

Senator Vitter did the right thing by telling the truth, taking responsibility for his actions with God and his family, and apologizing to us. He deserves forgiveness. He also will face voters down the road who will make the ultimate decision on his future.

This hit is is why....

These incidents occurred many years ago in David's past - prior to his work as a U.S. Senator and have no connection to his service as a Senator.

David Vitter has accomplished a great deal while serving in the Senate including:

Effectively leading the charge to kill a bad amnesty bill
Fighting for access to cheaper and more affordable prescription drugs Securing vital highway and infrastructure project funding for the state
Fighting tireless for water resource and hurricane protection

It's unfortunate that political enemies and the news media have turned this past mistake/sin - before he was even in the Senate - into a feeding frenzy and a license to report false rumors.

David did the right thing as Senator but is paying a personal price on this one in my view.

Canal Street Story is Bogus:

The Canal Street Madam is pushing a book and television deal - effectively using David's situation to further her own financial gain.

All FOUR attorneys on the Madam case say Vitter wasn't involved - including U.S. Attorney Jim Letten, the madam's own defense attorney and the attorneys for her mother and daughter.

ABC 26 New Orleans aired the madam holding a black book insinuating Vitter's name was in it on Tuesday evening, and reported on Wednesday evening that the Madam claims she burned all Vitter's record... What's was the significance of the video of her holding the black book the day before?

Bottom line: Vitter is getting hit because he killed the Amensty Bill.

Where did this hit come from?

No question it is a professional political hit of the highest order executed with precision and targetted like an assassination attempt on David Vitter's career. It is clear that the hit was executed in DC circles and by DC operatives...

But....One may want to simply do the following:

Ask Kathleen Blanco what she was doing in DC recently and who all she met with and why...and what she and Mary Landrieu discussed in their most recent meeting....One specifc name you may want to also note is that of Donna Brazile (DC Political Operative and Former Al Gore Campaign Manager) who was in private meetings with Governor Blanco.

It is not hard to connect the dots but I leave it up to you to do so.

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