Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Neil Kavanagh...

... seconds Lee Fletcher by focusing on opposition researcher, Donna Brazile:

If You Strike At The King...

Now that the knee jerk reaction to Sen. Vitter's outing has subsided, more thoughtful minds are beginning to ask questions that were overlooked by the major media mouthpieces.

Here's a sample… Everyone knows that the last 10 days of a Louisiana legislative session are the most frantic. That's when the deals are cut and the money split. So, why would Governor Blanco travel to Washington during these last days of a critical session to meet with Donna Brazile and Mary Landrieu? Hmmmmmm!

We all remember Donna, she the New Orleans gal that rose to the pinnacle of the National Democrat party through her expertise on opposition research. In other words, she's a political dirt raker. She has a long and distinguished career working with the cream if the liberal crop. Names like Jimmy Carter, Jessie Jackson and Michael Dukakis. Brazile also has a long history of using sex-based rumors to attack her opponents. She was fired from the Dukakis campaign for making false accusations about George H.W. Bush, and is rumored to have given Larry Flynt the dirt on Rep. Bob Livingston. Brazile is the queen of Washington sex scandals.

So I have to wonder, why was Kathleen Blanco meeting with Donna Brazile and Mary Landrieu in a hurry up trip to Washington DC during the last 10 days of the session? Could it be that they were polishing up the plan to out Vitter? Could it be that Blanco was there to give her approval? Hmmmmmm!

And what about Larry Flynt and his million dollar reward for “dirt?” We all remember Larry…he's the bi-polar smut peddler who molested his own daughter, according to her. Flynt is famous for attacking conservative lawmakers who criticize the porn industry. He's also famous for his cozy relationship with the National Democrat Party. Flynt's tabloid reporter Dan Moldea took only 48 hours to comb through 15,000 individual phone records and cross reference them all to find five entries of David Vitter's phone number. Flynt also contends that there are other Washington politicians who are on the list and he will reveal their names as fast as they can find them. However, Flynt, his staff and the mainstream media have had a full week to disclose any of the other names. As of yet, nothing has surfaced.

Could it be that Flynt was instructed to target Vitter alone? Perhaps Flynt was even given the list by Donna Brazile with Vitter's number highlighted? Hmmmmmm!

What would Kathleen Blanco and the Louisiana Democratic party have to gain with David Vitter fighting a sex scandal? Consider this; the elections this year will be the best chance the Republicans have ever had for a complete take-over of Louisiana State Government. Up until now, David Vitter has had a 70% plus positive rating with Louisiana voters. That translates to very long coat tails that many state candidates were going to ride into office. Now, with Vitter crippled, it might not be that easy. Also, you can believe that prominent Washington Democrats are grinning at Vitter's embarrassment, a little pay-back for stopping the illegal alien amnesty bill.

Wouldn't these two factors be enough motivation to attempt to end Vitter's career by digging up old dirt? Who is better equipped to carry out this plot than the sex scandal queen of Washington D.C Donna Brazile? Hmmmmmm!

So how do we find the truth in all of this? Voters who have lived in this state know that Louisiana invented hardball, play for keeps politics. Present these observations to any political pundit in this state and they will tell you that these speculations come to no surprise, we've seen this type of political combat before... and this little war is far from over.

believe it was Machiavelli who said, “If you strike at the King, you must slay him, lest he rise and seek retribution…” Senator David Vitter is still very much alive. He returns to Washington this week, bloodied and broken, but still alive and very determined.

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